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Spot welding machine WDK-9000

Multifunction Spot Welding Machine of single-side welding on a cart

Professional machine for body repair operations on straightening of metal surfaces and one-side spot welding. The machine is supplied by three-phase network of AC current. Big LCD display with blue lightening that provides an excellent readability of working parameters. Simple and easy-to-understand control provides quick and effective setting of the parameters of different metals. The welding machine can be used for the operations like: straightening of the surface, one-side spot welding and metal brazing. The set of accessories included in delivery will help you to execute any task.


  • microprocessor control of the spot welding machine;

  • multifunctional control board with LCD display;

  • the use of the machine for one-side spot welding;

  • the use of the machine for surface straightening (spot welding);

  • control board elements are protected by wear-resistant plastics;

  • automatically set parameters depending of the task;

  • indication and gradual adjustment of welding time and power;

  • automatic transition to the cooling mode (overheat protection);

  • machine is equipped with the gun with start button;

  • wide range of accessories in the set;

  • the set of consumable products.


Power supply

~380V 50/60 Hz

Input power

22 KVA

Input current

57 A

Max welding current

5800 A

Output voltage of carbon electrode heating

~6-10 V

Output voltage of welding of washers


Output welding voltage


The thickness of metal at one-side welding

0.8 + 1.2 mm



Operating mode


Adjustment of welding time

0.02-9.99 sec

Adjustment of welding current


Cable’s length

1700 + 1500 mm

Dimensions (height x width x depth)

1500 x 500 x 700 mm