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Portable infrared paint curing lamp with 3 cassettes

WDK-3CH is a professional portable equipment for curing paint and lacquer coatings with the infrared radiation. The block connecting three cassettes with shortwave infrared lamps is placed on pantographic pillar. The cassette block can be easily raised to the height 2300 mm. The adjustment of the position of the block is made with the fastening bolts with a convenient handle. The control board allows adjustment of power and heating time. The model is equipped with ultrasonic sensors of distance.


  • the frame is from aluminum alloy, the reflectors are from polished stainless steel;

  • the gas damper to support and change the position of the cassette block;

  • each lamp can be switched on and controlled separately;

  • panel and elements are from wear-resistant plastic;

  • three LCD displays: time, distance and power of infrared radiation;

  • automatic overload protection;

  • automatic switch from the “pulse” mode to the “routine” mode;

  • automatic protection from the change of the distance between lamp and the surface;

  • waterproof switch-on button;

  • the mobility is provided by 4 castors, 2 of which are equipped with stopper.


Input power source

220W 50/60 Hz

Input power

3 x 1000W


Double-layer shortwave infrared lamp VPOWER with the length 21’ (~50 cm)

Control board

Key-driven, protected


LED, 3 pcs

Time adjustment

Electronic, 1-99 min

Power adjustment

Electronic, 35-100%


From 35 to 100 ºC

Temperature sensor


Distance sensor


Curing area

1200 x 1000 mm

Dimensions (height x width x depth)

1150 x 850 x 2440 mm