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Portable infrared paint curing lamp

Portable equipment for curing the paint and lacquer coatings. Ideal for local repair. The equipment has a rigid structure and compact dimensions. The double cassette is installed on the vertical pillar. The equipment is equipped with double-layer shortwave infrared lamps (quartz tube of a ruby-red color, diameter 19 mm).


  • the cassette is from aluminum alloy that provides effective cooling and durability;

  • reflectors are made from the polished stainless steel;

  • special handle allows to rise and lower freely the cassette block and easily fix it in a necessary position;

  • simple system of control allows exact settings of temperature and power;

  • the panel is from durable and wear-resistant material;

  • the supporting pole is from aluminum alloy. The structure is rigid, durable and light-weighted;

  • H-type platform allows placing the paint curing lamp in any place for curing the body;

  • the mobility is provided by 4 castors, 2 of which are equipped with stopper;

  • quick adjustment of the position of the cassettes.


Input power source

220W 50/60 Hz

Input power

2 x 1000W


Double-layer shortwave infrared lamp VPOWER and PHILIPS with the length 16’ (~40 cm)

Control board

Analogous, LED display


Mechanical, 0-60 mins

Curing area

800 x 800 mm


From 30 to 100 ºC

Dimensions (height x width x depth)

560 x 1750 x 640 mm