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Portable equipment for curing the paint and lacquer coatings with a comfortable control board and an easy adjustment of position of cassettes. It can be effectively used for work in small body shops and it suits ideally local repair. The equipment is compact and has a simplified structure of adjustable metal pillar that provides mobility and the precision of installation. One (on the model WDK-1A) or two (on the model WDK-2) cassettes can be installed on the pillar. The adjustment of the position of a cassette is made with the fastening bolt with a convenient handle. The cassettes can rotate on 360º and allow placing the radiation source under any angle to the surface. It is equipped with the shortwave infrared lamps (quartz tube of a ruby-red color, diameter 10 mm).


  • each cassette of infrared paint curing lamp is equipped with a mechanical timer;

  • reflectors are made from the polished stainless steel;

  • the curing equipment has quartz infrared shortwave lamps “VPOWER 21” 1000 W;

  • the rotating and easily fixing cassettes allow to cure even the roof of a vehicle;

  • the mobility is provided by 4 castors, 2 of which are equipped with stopper;

  • compact sizes (suits small body shops);

  • comfortable manual control.




Input power source

220V 50/60 Hz

Input power (W)

2 x 1000 W 1000 W


Single-layer shortwave infrared lamp VPOWER with the length 21’ (~50cm)


Mechanical, 0-60 mins

Curing area

800 x 800 mm


From 40 to 70 ºC

Dimensions (height x width x depth)

560x770x2200 mm