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Universal booth with different sources of light for color analysis. It allows the performance of works connected with paint matching, including car paints. It makes possible to do the work with the chosen paints properly and without metamerism regardless different types of lightning.


  • the frame of the booth protects the dyeing test sample from the stray light-exposure;
  • there are 5 sources of light to imitate different lightning conditions regardless the time of the day;
  • painted in grey color background surface of the inner part of the booth is nonglare and absorbs the light;
  • quick switch on and switch off of one or several at a time sources of light;
  • integral microcontroller automatically remembers the working time of each lamp group to replace them timely. That allows to avoid mistakes of color choice appearing because of the change of the spectral composition as the light sources grow older;
  • integral display shows the working time of each lamp group. Reset function for the timer.

Sources of light:

  • D65 – 6500K – international standard of artificial lightning (day light);
  • Tl84 – 4000K – luminescent source of light for European and Japanese color matching body shops;
  • CWF – 4200K – luminescent cool white source of light used in the color matching body shops in the USA;
  • F/A – 2700K – the incandescent lamp. Imitation of the sunset light;
  • UV – ultra violet lamp (to detect white and fluorescent pigments in paints).

Technical specifications:

Illumination 750-3200 Lux
Power consumption 300 W
Input power source 220 V
Recommended time of work of lamps 2000 h
Outside dimensions (length x width x height) 790 x 495 x 350 mm
Inside dimensions (length x width x height) 675 x 410 x 510 mm
Weight 27 kg


Portable device for curing the paint and lacquer coating with a simple operating mode. It can be effectively used for work in small body shops and ideally suits spot repair operations. The equipment is compact. There is a timer to adjust the curing time on the cassette. The set includes the fasteners for mounting the cassette on the pillar of the curing lamp WDK-1A /WDK-2A. The equipment possesses single-layer shortwave infrared lamps, length - 40 cm (quartz tube of a ruby-red color, Ø10mm).


  • The cassettes of infrared paint curing lamp are equipped with mechanical timer.
  • The body of cassettes is made of aluminum alloy, the reflectors are made of polished stainless steel.
  • The paint curing equipment is equipped with quartz shortwave infrared lamps «VPOWER 21» 1000 W.


Model WK-1W
Power supply 220V 50/60Hz
Power 1000W
Lamp Single-layer quartz shortwave infrared VPOWER 16`(~40cm)
Timer Mechanic 1-60 min
Curing area 800х500 mm
Temperature of curing area 40-750С
Dimensions 435х215х110mm