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Paint-spraying booth with inlet-outlet fan-heating unit and diesel burner Riello are designed for painting and curing of paint and lacquer coatings. They meet modern requirements of the market and allow servicing of the passenger cars of any class.

Booth design

The side walls – sandwich-panels with heat-insulation from noncombustible material. The total thickness of the panel is 50 mm. Plasticized covering on two sides. There is a white anti-glare lusterless coating inside.

Plenum – overhead space for creating steady wind flow on the whole filtering area. The fine filters Eu5 are installed.

Three-folded gates with windows, one fold is independent. There is a service door as well. Metal base with grill floor. Floor filters of PaintStop type.


Ceiling oblique: 10 sets, each set has 4 lamps of 40W.

Lower horizontal: 8 sets, each set has 2 lamps of 20W.

Inlet-outlet group and heating unit:

  • 2 electrical engines inlet and outlet fans:
    • For the booth WDK-200 – 7,5 kW and 4 kW,
    • For the booth WDK-300 – 7,5 kW each;
  • Two-step burner on diesel fuel Riello G20;
  • Heater from stainless steel;
  • Pre-filters.







Inside dimensions (length x width x height)

6.90 m x 3.90 m x 2.70 m

Outside dimensions (length x width x height)

7.00 m x 4.00 m x 3.50 m

Entrance gate width

3.0 m

Entrance gate height

2.66 m

Air flow speed

0.24-0.25 m/sec

0.25-0.26 m/sec

Exchange rate

24000 m3/h


Temperature of drying

60 ºC (max 80 ºC)

Total power consumption

13.5 kW

17 kW