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WDK-907 Tool cart

Tool cart


Portable tool cart with mechanical central locking and seven drawers, maximum load capacity – up to 50 kg for small drawers, up to 100 kg – big drawers. Total load capacity – up to 600 kg. All the motion mechanisms of drawers are on bearings to provide an easy mobility and the increase of lifetime. The cart is designed for storage of tools and consumables. This makes the execution of different works quick and comfortable.

Extra strong casters with foot-stoppers allow an easy and safe moving of the cart to the actual working area. The cart is made of practical and durable materials.


Dimensions of a small drawer

590 x 435 x 72;

Dimensions of a big drawer

590 x 435 x 150;


800 x 490 x 1000

Package dimensions

880 x 560 x 1050

Load capacity of a small drawer

50 kg

Load capacity of a big drawer

100 kg

Total load capacity

600 kg

Net weight

95 kg

Grosse weight

107 kg

Pushing of a drawer


Thickness of a material

1.0-2.0 mm